What should I expect before, during and after surgery?


Before surgery

During the first appointment, Dr. Riendeau or Dr. Bonin will review your medical and dental history. He/she will do a complete maxillofacial examination and take radiographs if needed.

Following this clinical examination, a complete treatment plan and cost estimate will be given to you.

This visit will allow you to learn more about your condition and ask any specific questions to Dr. Riendeau or Dr. Bonin.

During surgery

In some specific cases, you may be given a pre-operative antibiotic and an antiseptic mouthwash to reduce the risk of post-operative infection. It is rare nowadays to have general anaesthesia (which requires hospitalization) for the extraction of wisdom teeth. If all four wisdom teeth need to be extracted, they could all be removed at the same time to speed up recovery.

After surgery

Following surgery, you will be given written instructions and our telephone number in case of emergency. You can then contact us at any time after business hours.