Should wisdom teeth be removed?

If the clinical evaluation shows that the wisdom teeth have enough room to erupt, there is no need to extract them. However, they often lack sufficient room to break through the gums.

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Semi-impacted teeth are often the source of sudden complications such as pericoronitis, infection and pain. Impacted teeth are often associated with the formation of cystic lesions, pain and infection. Extraction is then justified to avoid damage to the second molar and to avoid secondary complications of infection and cyst formation (including bone destruction of the jaws). In this case, the extraction should be done by a maxillofacial surgeon.

Extraction can be done under local anaesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. Dr. Riendeau or Dr. Bonin will assess the appropriate approach based on your general health, level of apprehension and also depending on the depth of impaction of your teeth.

This relatively common surgery usually takes less than an hour to perform.

wisdom teeth
Normal position
wisdom teeth
Mesioangular impaction

Images courtesy of AAOMS.